Data Analysis Made Easy
IDEA® is a powerful and user-friendly data analysis tool designed to help auditors, accountants and other finance professionals perform data analysis quickly to help improve audits and identify control breakdowns. IDEA allows you to analyze 100% of your data, guarantees data integrity and provides easy analysis with over 100 audit-specific commands. It simplifies the work of importing and analyzing data to report and deliver actionable results.

Get the Complete Picture with One Click
When your data comes from different sources and in a variety of formats, data analysis can sometimes be a challenge. The ability to import multiple data sets and view them as though they were one lets you to see the big picture. You are able to identify relationships, patterns and anomalies as well as conduct a comprehensive analysis of transactional data.

Import Data from Practically Any Source
IDEA allows you to quickly import an infinite amount of records from practically any source, including spreadsheet and database software, mid-range accounting programs, ERP systems, legacy mainframes, telecom switches, travel and expenses applications, flat and printed files such as PDFs, plain text (.txt), and print-report (.prn) files.

Simplified Analysis
Instead of programming macros, you can use over 100 audit-specific tasks that effortlessly look for duplicates, detect gaps in numeric sequences, group data by categories and filter numerous rows and columns of information in seconds. IDEA® allows you to record every analytic step and repeat for future use, via a graphical drag-and-drop interface.

Ensure Data Integrity & Communicate Your Results
With read-only access to data, IDEA will help to ensure the accuracy of audit assessments and disclosures in published financial statements. With IDEA, you can export information to a variety of formats including Microsoft® Access®, XML, Text, Microsoft® Word, PDF, Microsoft® Excel® and pre-defined reports.

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IDEA Uses Beyond Audit

There is no “typical” IDEA user. In fact, IDEA can be used for any type of analysis including sales and marketing, legal, finance, IT, and more. Its application is limited only by the user’s imagination. Here are just a few examples of use:

  • Run system checks to assess data reliability and detect system weaknesses
  • Generate samples of sales and use tax information to assess regulatory compliance
  • Create customer and sales profiles, measure performance
  • Conduct inspections on inventory and assets, including location or movement and pricing
  • Perform IT security reviews and analyze network, phone and firewall logs